Women’s History Month Rolls On: An Interview With Navy Officer Candidate Hannah Kayser

I had the honor of interviewing Navy Officer Candidate School “Hometown Hero” Hannah Kayser last week (her Hometown being Modesto; she’s a graduate of Beier High School). Officer Candidate Kayser, who comes from a military service family, described her overwhelming desire to serve our country as the main motivating factor that led her to apply for one of The U.S. Armed Services most rigorous programs. Unlike The U.S. Navy’s Enlisted Boot Camp, OCS takes place in Newport, Rhode Island and focuses on firefighting, damage control, seamanship, watch-standing, naval history, academics and militarization. To be eligible for OCS, you already have to have earned your Bachelor’s Degree; the program is designed to provide the training needed to become a military officer. Kayser went on to describe how she hopes to inspire other girls and women to consider a military career: “Young girls can’t be what they can’t see.”

John Young