March is Woman’s History Month, so I starting reading up about some of the earliest ladies in radio. Kate Smith was a famous Broadway star who started her radio career in 1931. Then from 1937 to 1945 she hosted the most popular radio variety show The Kate Smith Hour. She also had the #1 daytime radio show, “Kate Smith Speaks” which was a news and commentary program. Kate was also well know for singing “God Bless America” over the airwaves in the 30’s and 40’s.

In 1937, Pegeen Fitzgerald was known as “The First Lady of Radio Chatter”. She and her husband Edward broadcast form their New York City apartment covering topics like book reviews, current events and the occasional squabble from their breakfast table. A couple of chit chat notes that Pegeen aired that are timeless include “Most of us can keep a secret, it’s the people we tell it to that can’t” and..”These days it almost takes more brains to fill out your income tax then it took to earn the money.”

Cheers to you my fellow female broadcasters!

What ladies will you be celebrating during Woman’s History Month?


Donna Perry

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