Who Are We Getting In Shape For?

I caught an interesting tweet from one of my favorite comedians, Leslie Jones of Saturday Night Live Fame, where she talked about feeling discouraged about trying to get in better shape. “I feel like I’ll die alone,” she tweeted, referring to the idea that she feels like she’s trying to get into shape to find a person to settle down with, and it isn’t working.  Many of the responses to her tweet shared the common theme that we should try and get into shape for OURSELVES rather than to look good for someone else.  That’s a nice sentiment, but it’s easier said than done…I’ve battled weight issues my whole life, and my biggest motivator for staying in good shape over the last twenty years has been the fear of my beautiful wife Meg losing interest in me.  I know how Leslie feels to some degree; if I was naturally built like Chaning Tatum I’m not sure I would work out as hard as I do now.  One twitter response to Leslie’s dilemma stuck with me so I’ll paraphrase it here: getting in, and staying in shape is an act we should do for our own health and well-being, and when others see us as healthy and well, natural connections typically follow.  Creating a “romance” with our own well-being is the first step in creating a romance with somebody else.  I’ll try and remember that when I’m bench-pressing a modest amount of weight three days a week to keep Meg disinterested in younger, thinner men 🙂

John Young



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