When Your Son Helps Re-Define Masculinity

I just returned from a short weekend in San Marcos, Texas (Near Austin) with my wife and daughter, where we had the unique pleasure of watching my son Jake give a “TED Talk” about redefining masculinity in our current age.  I’ve included a picture of the program so you can see the specifics of this incredible talk; Jake spoke eloquently for around 15 minutes about what it was like growing up as a male child passionate about acting, dancing and singing.  He talked about being teased by classmates and teammates who found out he was more than an all-star little league catcher…he talked about being confused as to why being an amazing performer on stage was any different than being an amazing athlete. This isn’t just a proud parent talking; looking at the responses Jake got to his talk on social media made me cry ugly: “my son was  bullied for being a ‘theater kid’ too…thank you Jake for inspiring a new way to look at what it means to be masculine!” I hope to make the entire TED Talk available to folks online by the first part of December; I encourage everyone to check out www.tedtalk.org and the incredible library of dynamic and thought-provoking talks available for viewing.

John Young



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