I asked this question on The KUIC Morning Show this morning: When was the last time you started the “water works” during an in-flight movie?  The reason this seems to be different than, say, crying over a movie at home watching Netflix or at the local movie theater, is because your shoe-horned into a three-row seating arrangement.  You can’t sniffle without literally getting liquid on the person next to you, so you’ve got to control your emotions while watching a movie on a 6 hour flight from Atlanta back to Sacramento…unfortunately for my row-mates on this past weekend’s flight, I could not.  Thank you to the producers of the film “Instant Family,” starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne and a great cast that featured comedian Tig Notaro and the awesome actress Octavia Spencer…I was crying before the 15 minute mark, and the movie’s almost two hours long. Naturally, I had the middle seat (16E; I don’t recommend it), so the two gentleman flanking my left and right got a serious dose of half-controlled “ugly crying.” Then again, maybe part of my emotional outburst was due to having to pull my arms and shoulders INWARD for 6 hours to keep from touching either of those guys…anyway, if you have any soul at all, and you don’t want to get caught crying in your middle-row airplane seat, don’t order “Instant Family.” Watch it when you get home 🙂

John Young