Unless you spend any amount of time in the state of Texas, you may not know what Whataburger is: I discovered this amazing burger joint when my older son Jake moved to San Marcos, Texas to attend Texas State University in the Fall of 2016. Whataburgers burgers are delicious, and the restaurant chain is a big enough deal that they have their own Whataburger Gift Shop. With Father’s Day fast approaching, why not get Pop a matching set of Whataburger ketchup pillows, or maybe running shoes? The Whataburger shop even sells a doormat that tells people they can’t enter without an orange and white bag in hand…awesome! There are loads of other Whataburger items for your home, your kids and your favorite Whataburger fan, available on their website (www.whataburger.com). Help Dad decorate his man-cave…are you listening, Jake?

John Young