We’ve All Been Through A LOT Since St. Patrick’s Day 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic and St. Patrick’s Day will always be tied together in my mind, as it was the day BEFORE, March 16th of 2020, that the first direct changes to the radio life I once knew went into effect. That was the day we were told to post signs on the radio station doors indicating that no one would be allowed in except “essential employees,” meaning on-air staff…in fact I would need written clearance from The U.S. Department of Homeland Security later that week to drive from my house to the studio during the early curfew hours. My boss would admonish me, correctly, for posting a photo on KUIC’s social media platforms of Ron Brown and me in our Leprechaun Hats; he was concerned that we were not socially distanced enough in the photo. As a company, we immediately ceased having guests live in the studio (something we have yet to change, as having guests call into the show is easy and efficient), and we discontinued our 20-year community-based “Coffee Break” promotion. At the time, that St. Patrick’s Day felt like it might be the only Holiday that would be affected by this strange invader known as “Covid-19.” KUIC Staff talked about when we would return to in-person promotions, events, etc. in terms of WEEKS, not years. And now here we are: what lessons can we take away from this two-year odyssey? How about these few:   

  1. Working from home is a viable way to do business successfully, and it reduces needed office space-
  2. Shaking hands was always a germy way to make someone’s acquaintance; elbow bumps are more hygienic- 
  3. Engaging with your community can be just as effective through digital means-

Stay safe, stay focused, and stay connected 🙂

John Young