Welcome The New Fairfield Chief Of Police Deanna Cantrell

This past Wednesday, The Fairfield Police Department swore-in the agency’s first female chief of police: Deanna Cantrell, who had been The San Luis Obispo Police Chief since 2016 according to a story by Matthew Keys in Solano Weekly News. This is more than just an important local news item, as this assignment can be seen as further progress for women and further progress in the effort to modernize and improve law enforcement services to our communities. Per a statement from The Fairfield PD, “As the chief of police, Cantrell is committed to working in partnership with our community to preserve and enhance the quality of life through effective community policing, crime prevention, education, department transparency and innovative law enforcement.” There is reason to believe positive changes will be implemented under Chief Cantrell, as  Matthew Keys reports that she served on the NAACP Legal Redress Committee, the Muslim Police Advisory Board and chaired the Human Rights Forum in Mesa, Arizona where Deanna Cantrell served in their Police Department. According to a Fairfield Police Department spokesperson, Chief Cantrell will be introduced to the community during the next Fairfield City Council Meeting scheduled Tuesday, October 20. Welcome to Fairfield, Chief Cantrell! (photo courtesy of the Fairfield Police Department Facebook Page)

John Young