We CAN Prevent Concert Cancellations Due To COVID: Vaccinations Are Key

Speaking with local concert promoter Jeff Trager on my show this past week, we talked about the upcoming “Dock of Bay Music Festival” on Mare Island in Vallejo on September 18th. Sure, this event promises to be pretty cool, with several headliners joining 15 bands on three stages, but Jeff wanted to talk about safety. He led our discussion with what he and his team are doing to avoid having to cancel this open-air community concert: proof of vaccination and the selling of a limited number of tickets online (2500 total). Being in the concert promotion business for nearly 50 years in NorCal, Jeff made it clear he sees his main objective being the safety of the audience and the musicians that entertain them. “We need to let your audience know what we’re doing to keep them safe…if we don’t do that, we won’t have future audiences.” With major touring acts cancelling shows right and left as the Delta Variant ravages our state, Jeff and others in the entertainment business are taking a strong stand in favor of audience and performer safety. If we don’t do this, Jeff pointed out, we could see the live performances shut down again…no one wants to relive aspects the 2020 nightmare again. By the way, vaccines are SAFE and FREE; check out www.solanocounty.com/COVID19 for the location of your free vaccine 🙂


John Young