Upcoming “Cobra Experience” Ford Car Show Brings Back Mustang Memories

Happy 60th Birthday to the iconic Ford Mustang, introduced at The World’s Fair in New York back in April of 1964; this amazing American vehicle will be celebrated, along with The Shelby Cobra and various other amazing cars at The Cobra Experience in Martinez on June 1st (details under “Hometown Happenings” at www.kuic.com). I was an early fan of The Mustang, proudly displaying my ‘65 Fastback Matchbox car to anyone who would stop by our house in the early 1970’s. My parents would probably classify my childhood preference for Mustangs as an obsession; I actually tried to persuade my father to buy me a ‘65 Coupe when I was 12 years old, promising to pay him back with proceeds from my fledgling pet-watching business. I finally did acquire my first of many Mustangs, my ‘67 Coupe pictured here outside my grandparents’ house in Pasadena in 1982 (nice Adidas sweat suit, by the way). I’m currently on my 9th Mustang, having rolled through multiple generations of the classic pony car; I even managed to corrupt my son Jake when “we” agreed that he needed a ‘66 Coupe as his first car. Alas, this nearly life-long commitment to the great Ford Mustang (including the new Electric Mach-E versions) has not died down for me, and events like the incredible show at The Cobra Experience in Martinez keep feeding this love of a uniquely American design 🙂