Turkey Leftovers Re-Imagined

Ahhh, roast turkey: that centerpiece of the American Thanksgiving table. How frequently do we prepare turkey throughout the rest of the year? Not as often as we should, apparently; statistics indicate that we Americans don’t prepare whole turkeys at anywhere near the rate we enjoy other types of domestic fowl. A shame, really, as turkey can be very straightforward to cook and a healthy, low fat option, too. This Thanksgiving Holiday you may find yourself with a pile of turkey leftovers this holiday season, but did you know there are several awesome things you can do with those bird-parts that go beyond turkey sandwiches?  Dare to try throwing those carcass particles into enchiladas, or bake them into turkey lasagna. Chicken Salad is fine, but add green apple chunks and white turkey meat leftovers and you’ve got Turkey Salad! Google “Turkey Leftovers” and surprise yourself with the possibilities 🙂

John Young



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