Tuning In To The “Millennial Mindset”

The “Millennial Mindset” is not only a thing, it’s a podcast, hosted by Montreal “Monty” Bobbit, and it’s available wherever you retrieve your favorite podcasts.  I was lucky to have Monty in my Broadcasting Course at Sierra College in Rocklin this past semester, and he graciously agreed to come on the KUIC Morning Show this past week to share his thoughts on Millennials, positive energy and the need to look at the opportunities that each new day brings. Monty shared the story of one of his recent interviews, a woman with Stage IV Brain Cancer who began using optimism along with her medication treatments to keep some of the cancer effects at bay. “We sometimes forget that enthusiasm and generosity of spirit are in our control” Monty explained, “my show tries to shine a light on that and remind people that they are in control of their own positivity.” Monty went on to detail his belief that 20-somethings are, for the most part, willing to look at alternative realities and embrace their inner-energy sources…his enthusiasm for life, growth and broadcasting (“I love being up this early!”) definitely gave the KUIC Morning Show a youthful boost 🙂

John Young