There’s No Place For Racists In Our Hometowns

Marc Yu, a Vacaville homeowner, reported this week that he and his family were heartbroken and upset over a letter they received in their mailbox this week, one that highlighted their interracial marriage while demanding they find a new place to live. I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading: people are getting notes from cowardly bigots like this in Solano County in 2019? According to KRON4, Marc, his wife and five children have lived in their neighborhood since November. Yu is Chinese and Filipino, and his wife is Mexican. “My wife cried,” Marc told KRON4. “She was really devastated by it. She almost literally said ‘we need to sell our house.’ And I said ‘why?’” Exactly, Marc…WHY? Why is this kind of disgusting racism still rearing its ugly head in 2019? I have some ideas that I won’t share here, but the reality is this: Solano County is a welcoming, inclusive community that WELCOMES diversity.  However, racist ideology that seeks to dehumanize people based on their culture, or ethnicity, or skin color is unacceptable. This community does not welcome racists. We stand with you and your family, Marc.

John Young



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