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The Vintage Camper Chronicles: I Need A Therapist

No one said this was going to be easy…

In fact, when my wife Meg and I purchased our diamond-in-the-rough 1964 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Camper, we knew there would be struggles. From gentle arguments about interior colors (“I think we should have the teal be the trim, not the cabinet doors.”) to frustrations surrounding leaky plumbing (“this C-clamp won’t go any tighter!”), the hours we reserve for “Trailer Work” on the weekends have been an interesting bonding experience. And when it looks like bonding might turn to arguing, my wife and I have been known to split a Therapist, and I’m not talking about Dr. Phil…I’m talking about one of the most delicious IPA’s that has ever crossed my lips! Thank you Dust Bowl Brewing Company for helping to make this Vintage Trailer Project a bit more mellow 🙂

John Young

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