The ULTIMATE Oreo Is Released: My Grandma Frances Would Be Proud

Ready for the ultimate Oreo cookie? Before you answer “Of Course!” let me remind y’all about my Grandmother Frances’ obsession with Oreo Cookies (she’s the one wedged between my brother Brian and me in the 1994 photo, courtesy of The Young Family Collection)…I’ve told the story on the air many times of her ceramic 1930’s Cookie Jar filled with “Vitamin O.” My Great Depression-era grandmother was, how shall I say it, thrifty? She insisted that we save the wrapping paper from our holiday gifts…she commented (in the 1980’s) that “$5,000 seems like an outrageous price to pay for a new car!” My grandma Frances did not spend a lot of money on ANYTHING, and culinary pleasures certainly fell into somewhat of a sinful category for her…this was a woman who offered us canned pineapple chunks as a dessert in the 1970’s. However, she made a weird exception for Oreos. Somehow they impressed her as both a revolutionary dessert, and a reasonably-priced “factory-made” food. When my siblings and I were visiting her and my grandfather at their North Los Angeles home, and if we demonstrated good manners, we were allowed to reach into that fragile cookie jar and pull out ONE Oreo Cookie. I’ll admit, I became a fan, and my grandmother and I had a life-long food cookie connection we could share and giggle about. Now, Mondelez International (the company that makes Oreos) is releasing The Most “Oreo” Oreo cookie ever! This limited-edition cookie is described as “the brand’s most playful cookie to date,” and has two wafers packed with layers of crème and ground-up Oreo mixed in. It’s basically an Oreo stuffed into an Oreo. And I believe Grandma Frances would be proud. Vitamin O, anyone?

John Young