The Solano Community College Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund Drive Is On!

The SCC Alumni Association is seeking supporters to donate $100 to generate up to $10,000 for an endowed Alumni Association scholarship. The scholarship will support students in financial need as we recognize the 80th anniversary of SCC. Room 114a in the new Library will be named and donors will be listed on a permanent wall plaque. A donor reception in the Library is planned for Thursday, January 9, 2025. Gifts made by Friday, November 15, 2024 will have the donor name included on the plaque.

The room naming in the Library is a part of the College’s Facility Naming Program.  Donors will be provided naming recognition for gifts starting at $500 for an individual study desk.  Naming of a room or individual office starts at just $2,500.  For more information about the program in the Library and Learning Resource Center, please follow this link:

Every donation counts, no matter the amount.  So if you can’t make a $100 donation, please consider another amount.  Even $5 donations can add up quickly as we use the power of numbers.  Many more students are struggling financially due to job losses or reduced hours. The need is overwhelming and our resources are limited. It’s critical for students to stay enrolled, because the likelihood of unemployment increases significantly without a College Degree or Certificate.

100% of your donation will go to scholarships.  The SCC Educational Foundation even pays credit card processing fees.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Curt Johnston at [email protected], or call (707) 864-7141.