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The “Masked Grandma” Is Getting It Done!

It’s a relief to be able to report some good news these days, like the fact that an 89 year old woman in Chicago known locally as “Grandma Terry” has been on a sewing frenzy since mid-March, making washable masks for family and friends at a rapid clip. When Social Distancing orders first started coming down, Terry whipped out her trusty Singer sewing machine that’s been in her family for decades. In a matter of days she was able to sew 50 masks for friends and family. Each mask is personalized for each person, using fabric featuring their favorite sports teams. And get this: Terry sewed them all while listening to The Beatles! Eventually word got out about Terry’s sewing exploits, and a group of elders known as the “Red Hat Club” joined in to help her…they ended up making 600 masks in about two weeks! Next goal: find a way to get a custom “Grandma Terry” sports-themed reusable mask before I don’t need to wear one anymore…

John Young

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