The Final Baby Bird Leaves The Nest

After what seems like a lifetime, our youngest child, 18 year old Brett, has accepted an invitation to study musical theater at Oklahoma University.  Two years of on-site auditions, and 40,000 air miles later, we have a decision and we have a plan…and pretty soon we’ll have an empty nest. Now, I’m not the kind of parent who blathers on and on about “my babies are leaving!” and “they grow up too fast!”  In fact, in many ways my kids grew up TOO SLOW and I’m very ready for them to explore the world and carve a future out for themselves (something the two older ones have done an excellent job of so far). I recognize that several of my friends ARE struggling with their children going off to college, so rather than sound like an insensitive jerk I’ll just point out that having them leave “the nest” with a sense of optimism and hope for their future means we’ve done a good job as parents.  Listeners have shared their empty nest stories with us through social media, and I feel like they all deserve credit for enabling their kids to fly away, literally. Besides, the rental income I’m anticipating from Brett’s now-vacant bedroom will help with out-of-state tuition. On to the next chapter 🙂

John Young



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