Let’s start 2020 off with some facts that can help you be healthier in the new year! We all know sufficient rest is important for overall physical and mental well-being, so if your boss catches you napping at work, here are science-backed explanations that might keep you out of trouble:

  • Naps give you a better outlook for your workday. Resting the body for even a short period of time allows the body’s systems to rest and re-balance; this translates into more efficiency.
  • Naps give you an attitude adjustment. Napping improves alertness, sharpens memory, and reduces fatigue, all of which makes us more productive.
  • Naps can bring out the best in your professional and personal relationships. People who stress out and tire easily become angry, cranky, or just harder to deal with; a nap can de-stress and re-balance hormones and improve relationships, both at home and with co-workers. 
  • Naps add years to your life. Napping has been shown to decrease death rates from heart disease in countries in which afternoon naps are common, like the Mediterranean and Latin America.

As the taker of AT LEAST three naps a week, I can personally attest to the healing properties of a 30 minute siesta. The trick is not to take them during my show…


John Young