A Reddit user named “PineBadger” is getting people’s attention online with their last minute drinking idea, after forgetting a shot glass on their last camping trip. “PineBadger” posted a picture of a hunk of Spam that had a hole carved out of the middle, with spiced rum filled to the top…the photo quickly went viral and it’s got shot-takers talking. Would you pour some of your favorite tequila into a shot glass made of SPAM? Before you answer…heck, before I answer…let’s remind ourselves of the awesome history and practicality of SPAM.  This “every-meat” has been making people happy, though not necessarily healthy, for nearly a century…is there anything better than a slab of grilled SPAM on an egg ‘n cheese sandwich? So, how can a shot glass with trace taste particles of this fabulous protein be bad? It’s not, AND it’s a fairly inexpensive and creative way to liven up your next party! Plus, when you’re done drinking, you can make an awesome egg sandwich 🙂

John Young