I had Craig Bryan from Bryan-Breaker Funeral Home on the show this week; Craig was on to talk about this awesome community event and how to get tickets (www.northbayC2C.org), but I really enjoyed hearing about this amazing history of the event.  Who knew this perennial community event started with a couple guys from The Vacaville Rotary Club pouring a few bottles of Napa-area wine and raising a mere $2,000 for charity? Craig’s been involved with this event since those humble beginnings, and he’s the first to note, with obvious pride, how much The Solano Wine and Food Jubilee now raises for Northbay Hospice and Bereavement programs: over $400,000 last year, thanks to the community’s generosity.  Be a part of this year’s event, enjoy the live music, and sample the yummy wears of over 45 local wineries, breweries and restaurants while helping people in your hometown.

John Young