Last week, working folks had an opportunity to bring their pooch to the office during “Bring Your Dog to Work Day,” and by all accounts there were no major incidents reported. Maybe that’s because few employees chose to bring their CORGIS to the office. My family and I have had Welsh Pembroke Corgis (the Corgi breed without tails) since we got our puppy “Diego” back in 2005; we currently have two rescues, Daisy and Sonu, who feature prominently on social media.  And social media is a good place for them to hang out…they can’t to too much damage there (unless you count extreme cuteness as “damage”). However, if you choose to bring a Corgi around, say, FOOD, or GARBAGE, or any of the other distractions you might find in your work environment, good luck. Sure, my Corgis haven’t been adequately trained to resist these canine temptations, but I’ve had four of them in 15 years and they’re all the same: adorable, pig-headed and randomly destructive. Oh yeah, and they try and herd you when you’re swimming. Maybe I’ll participate in “Bring Your Cat To Work Day” when that event rolls around 🙂

John Young