Surprise! Owning A Dog Is Good For You

According to new research featured in Scientific Reports, owning a dog is good for you both physically and mentally. The research seems to indicate  that owning a dog can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease due to the physical activity involved in being a responsible pet owner (walking the dog, cleaning up after it, etc.). Additionally, having a dog around apparently helps prevent depression by increasing levels of neurochemicals in the brain linked to bonding and positivity…this could be critical for many people feeling the stress and loneliness associated with the “Shelter-at-Home” theme of 2020. During this unprecedented global pandemic, many people are reaping the benefits of turning to a dog for comfort…might I suggest one of several Shelter Pets available from your local SPCA? Call the Solano County Animal Shelter (2510 Claybank Road in Fairfield) at (707)-784-1356 and ask them about hours and adoption procedures 🙂

John Young