Storms Remind Us of What’s Important

We had a doozy of a rain storm on March 1st, and for those who weren’t watching the approaching storm closely (including yours truly), it looked to be just another bunch of showers in NorCal that we desperately need after one of the driest Februarys on record. Well, the storm brought plenty of rain, along with high winds, power outages and blizzard conditions in The Sierras.  Typically when I anticipate this kind of storm, my family and I prepare our modest yard in Roseville by moving our lawn furniture and umbrellas into safer positions; we didn’t do that this time and we paid the price (note the above photo).  But what price did we really pay?  I was not at all happy when I got home from the studio tired and hungry, saw the backyard and realized I’d be plugging in the shop vac, but I immediately thought about people who REALLY lose when a storm hits: major property destruction, loss of irreplaceable things, loss of jobs, major injuries, even loss of life.  We lost a hand-me-down outdoor glass table, and I had to spend an hour cleaning it up.  It makes you consider how lucky you are, and how others need real help during local and national disasters.  Consider donating to The Red Cross so those with real loss can get real help when they need it:

John Young



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