Spoiler Alert: One Of Our Premier Social Programs Updates Its Name

I’m excited that I’ve been asked to co-host The Annual Gala Fundraiser for The Leaven, the community-based education and mentoring program that literally helps kids, their families and their communities rise. The Leaven’s combination of tutoring, family financial education, resource referral and inspirational opportunities has proven to take formally impoverished areas in our hometowns and transform them. I got to know The Leaven’s Executive Director Mark Lillis as we worked closely together during several KUIC “Radiothon” fundraisers for the organization, and his enthusiasm for helping kids and families makes it impossible to say “sorry, I can’t” when Mark needs me to help with something. So, I was pressed into duty for their event this Sunday, October 3rd in Napa…what I didn’t realize until recently is, this event is also going to be the arena where Mark and his team reveal The New Name of the organization. I guess I should refrain from mentioning what that new name is here – I don’t want to spoil the surprise – but rest assured you can do what many of your neighbors have done and give back to underserved kids, families and  communities through The Leaven by visiting www.MyLeaven.com. In fact, check out that website after this coming weekend and find out what we’ll all be calling this amazing organization from here on out 🙂

John Young