SOMEBODY has been making The World a better place for 30 years!

I’m a big fan of birthdays…I feel like they mark important milestones, they allow us to reflect on our accomplishments while we plan to do better things in the coming years, etc. etc. Some birthdays are just, well, somehow BIGGER than others, and that’s how I feel about my first born Nicole’s 30th, which she celebrates this week. She was an incredible being from the start: an easy, cheerful infant who morphed into a smart, friendly grade-schooler/teenager/college student/adult. She made parenting – which I had been a bit nervous about engaging in – seem simple and natural. She made friends at every stop, and once her two younger brothers were born, she became a model big sister (nothing like the cliched grumpy, argumentative siblings we all see too often in T.V. commercials). I started doing The KUIC Morning Show when she was six, and she visited the studios often through her high-school years. Her last visit was this past Fall, when she stopped by to see me while doing business in Vacaville; she immediately charmed my music-obsessed boss with her indie-label musical acts knowledge and concert attendance credibility. If you listen to KUIC Hometown Mornings regularly, you’re likely to hear an audio drop she recorded for me when she was a student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: “Hi, I’m Nicole, John’s daughter, and I always listen to my Dad, on 95-3, KUIC!” She’s an Environmental Scientist based out of San Francisco now, so I’d better listen to her 🙂

John Young