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Aloha! “Downtown Ron Brown” here of the KUIC Hometown Morning Show. Let’s see something about me. I started at KUIC in 1978, which makes me older than Job. I chose radio as a profession because my teachers in grade school said I couldn’t stop talking in class. I think teachers today say: “Your Son is very social.”

Our family is from Hawaii, thus, the love for plumerias, Spam, sushi and poi. KUIC’s Donna Perry and I worked at the same radio station KRTR in Hawaii back in the day. What a rough life!!

My wife Lee Ann and I grew up a block from each other in Vacaville. She wouldn’t give me the time of day until 2012 when we got married. We just celebrated the birth of our Grandson Dublin May 10th. We have two beautiful puppies that we love very much. (Hana and Kona) We adopted them from Solano County Shelter in November of last year. They keep us busy buying new beds they’ve chewed up.

In our spare time we love to stay at North Shore Lake Tahoe, Hawaii and the Wine Country. Last time we were at Tahoe,  I nearly got kicked out of one of the Casinos from taking videos of the Concert. Working with John Young  in the Morning is a blast and a blessing. Some mornings I’m laughing so hard at something he said, I’m brought to tears.

My biggest hobby right now is learning to play the guitar left handed. Its tough because not many materials are available nor left handed teachers. I would like to apologize to my neighbors who have to put up with my “learning curve” night after night.

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