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Nicole Young Works To Protect Cali Coastline

    It’s not often one can point to a member of one’s own family and say “my (fill in the blank) is literally going to change California!” Well, I have a chance to say just that, as my environmental scientist-daughter Nicole gets ready to complete her Coastal Protection Master’s Project at The University of San Francisco on May 18th and take her ideas on the road to Washington, DC. The question she’s attempting to answer through her project is: can we effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with construction along the California coast? Nicole explains her rational: “I figure that the creation of a fee addition, a fee reduction, and an education component to the building permitting process will inspire and create an overall GHG reduction within the coastal zone of California. This can be made possible with policy development and implementation that encourages applicants to reduce carbon emissions though fee regulations. This policy will move California one step closer to being 100% GHG emission free by 2045!” This cap and trade approach to new construction could be the beginning of similar types of construction practices throughout the rest of our state, leading to the Greenhouse Gas-free California my daughter envisions. Sure, I’m bias and think it’s a great idea, but I’m also encouraged by the members of my 26 year old daughter’s generation who are trying to make the planet a healthy place to live for the coming generations 🙂

    John Young