“Roseanne” Gets Cancelled…Good Riddance.

Full disclosure here: I’m old enough to remember the original “Roseanne” that ran from ‘88 until 1997, and I never thought it was very funny…I should say I never thought ROSEANNE BARR was very funny.  Her “Domestic Goddess” routine wasn’t particularly original OR funny, and I always thought the reputation she had of “giving a voice to the blue collar workers of America” was over-played. Roseanne Barr was known on and off stage as an offensive, politically incorrect comedianne, and I suppose she garnered some fans that way (Former President George H.W. Bush was no fan, calling her disrespectful “singing” of the National Anthem at a Baseball game in 1990 “disgusting”). I saw in interesting Facebook post from a former band mate in Oregon: A picture of a bottle of Ambien Tablets adorned with the caption “Ask Your Doctor if Ambien Makes a Good Excuse for YOUR Racism.”  Even if Roseanne Barr had the comedic talent of Ellen DeGeneres or Jerry Seinfeld (which she doesn’t), that would never excuse her disturbing behavior. Modern society has left behind your ugly brand of “humor”, thankfully. Hopefully the talented cast that remains move on to bigger and better things than “Roseanne.”

John Young



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