Rocky Had A Little Lamb: We Celebrate One Year With Our New Pup!

May 10th marked the one year anniversary of my wife Meg asking me to “go check out a dog” with her in West Sacramento after I got home from the KUIC studios. I had known for several months that my Labrador-Loving spouse was in search of a rescue pup to fill the void left by our previous Pembroke Corgi, who passed away in early 2022. The whole “Corgi Jag” we’ve been on as a family started in 2005, with the introduction of our Corgi Puppy “Diego,” and for nearly 20 years (at my insistence) we’ve had nothing but Pembroke Corgis as dog pets. So, I thought it was the right thing to do, giving my blessing to look for a dog with “actual legs and a tail.” After much searching on dog-rescue sites, Meg found the dog she wanted: a four year old un-neutered male Black Lab named “Rocky” who had been abandoned by his owner. I thought we were just going out to meet him that day, maybe see if he’s a good fit for us…I really wasn’t expecting to take him home on the spot. But that’s exactly what we did, and Meg has never been happier in the pet department. Sure, we’ve had some challenges with him (namely his weird, un-Lab-like aversion to other dogs…and water), but a steady diet of love, patience, and professional dog training courses have helped make Rocky a wonderful part of our “empty nest” situation at home. Oh, and our three adult children LOVE coming home to visit even more, now that a stuffed lamb-obsessed, 85 pound snuggle machine greets them at the door (and won’t leave their side) during their home stays. Happy Adoption Anniversary, Rocky…here’s to many more 🙂