Resolving Not To Resolve: The Improvement List For 2023

I’m breaking one of my biggest resolutions from 2022 already: “I will not make any New Year’s Resolutions in 2023.” And yet, here I am, jotting down a few things I’d like to try and do more or less in this coming year. BUT FIRST: a shout-out to my daughter Nicole, who came up with a unique way to encourage herself to achieve some desired goals. She created a “Champagne Box” with tiny bottles of cheap bubbly inside; when she accomplishes a particular goal she pops open one of the bottles to celebrate. Nice. OK, here’s my partial list (so far):

  • Less ridiculous spousal arguments
  • Less agreements to do things that aren’t fun, out of social obligation
  • More long-distance bike rides
  • More adventurous travel
  • Fewer bad haircuts
  • More sit-ups
  • Fewer sugary coffee drinks…wait…scratch that
  • Less anxiety when my favorite sports teams lose
  • More gratitude regarding my fortunate role in the communities I get to live and play in

Oh, and give all of yourselves some slack if you don’t measure up to your Resolutions at the end of 2023; we’re all a work in progress 🙂

John Young