Relax..It’s a Staycation

Sometimes planning a Big vacation can be stressful, when all that is really needed is time to relaxing away from the workplace. That’s when I say a Staycation makes the most sense. Plus we are in such a perfect location for all kinds of fun day trips. The pressure is off when exploring local attractions. If I feel like gardening instead of catching a Ferry to The City, I can easily just move that excursion to a different day. If no one else wants to go out for brunch on the bay, I might go for a drive along the coast and take some beach pics to decorate with. So basically, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it is the perfect break from a regular work routine.¬†And to top it off, sleeping in my own bed after a full day of shopping, beaching and catching up with family and friends is delightful and cheaper then a hotel.

What are some of your favorite day trip locations for a Staycation?


Donna Perry



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