“Read To A Dog Day” Is Back At The Solano Public Library!

The Read To A Dog program is back throughout The Solano Library system! This is exciting for several reasons, not the least of which is how this cool program helps build confidence in young readers and entertains our canine friends at the same time. The programs begin again on Tuesday, February 28th and then every other Tuesday after that, according to The Suisun Library’s Facebook page. The OTHER thing I love about this program is it gives me an excuse to share the above-photos of my then-4 year old daughter Nicole reading to our Yellow Lab Stoli. Those photos, which are featured in my home studio, were taken back in 1997, when Nick was four…she was part of our local Roseville Library’s pre-kindergarten reading program. I recommend these programs highly; Nicole turned out to be an Environmental Scientist, so you never know what a kid will end up doing if they get a chance to read to a dog!

The Read To A Dog program is available at the Fairfield Civic Center, Fairfield Cordelia, John F. Kennedy, Vacaville Cultural Center and Vacaville Town Square libraries.

For the full list of Solano Public Library Events, including the Read To A Dog program, visit https://solanolibrary.evanced.info/signup/calendar