Quarantine Reading Suggestion: An Amazing Novel By Comedian Pete Holmes

As we all continue to endure ANOTHER week sheltering in our homes, I’m finding more time to simply pull up a chair (or chaise lounge) and begin reading a new book without feeling like I should be doing something else. What else am I gonna do? Reorganize my bolts and washers…again? My son Jake, who goes to college in Texas but has been quarantined with my wife Meg and I since mid-March, recommended a fascinating book to me that I want to share with you: “Comedy Sex God,” by well-known HBO-special comedian Pete Holmes (you’ll recognize his face when you see the books’ cover). The books’ title is a play on words: this short-chaptered page-turner is really a look at how the author went from childhood Christianity to divorced 20-something to spiritually-enlightened 30-something, and it’s a heck of a journey. Pete Holmes is a great comedian, and he writes like one; even the deeply faith-based sections of the book are laced with humor and off-color references. I literally burned through this book in two afternoons…it’s a great read for anyone looking for something hilarious, but deeper than a throw-away mystery or corny romance. AND, I experimented with reading some passages in the book aloud to my long-suffering cat Nigel…I think he dug it.

John Young