Putting Risk Into Perspective

According to an article by The World Cancer Research Fund, some of your and my favorite things could be directly linked to our risk for cancer. The WCRF says no amount of alcohol, bacon or sausage is safe to consume when it comes to lowering your potential for getting cancer; they go on to state that we can all reduce our cancer risk by nearly 40 percent if we eliminate alcohol, bacon, sausage, and other processed rare/raw meats from your collective diet.  So where does this leave Sunday Breakfast with my family? Even if these scary numbers and statistics are to be believed (they seem high to me, but I’m no nutritionist), what isn’t being talked about enough is the mental health component associated with enjoying the foods and beverages you love (in moderation, of course). I’m really not interested in being a sprouts ‘n hummus 96 year old with no comfort food and/or wonderful memories linked to these comfort foods.  Some of the best times I’ve had with my wife and adult kids have involved consuming those very foods and beverages The World Cancer Research Fund says we should avoid (and my 25 year old daughter is a vegetarian!). Pass the bacon…I’ll ride an extra 5 miles on my bike tomorrow 🙂

John Young



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