Oscar Meyer Is Looking For Weinermobile Drivers in 2021

I love to drive. My mother claims the first sounds I made as an infant were “car noises,” probably my attempts to imitate the various Volkswagens I grew up around. My love of operating anything with a motor was in full effect when I spotted this story of the Kraft-Heinz company looking for a group of people to drive their famous Oscar Mayer Weinermobile across the country. In a promotional exercise that’s expected to take about a year, the company is looking for applicants who will take the 27-foot-long hot dog-shaped vehicle to more than 200 events across the country. According to the job listing, “the ideal candidate is an outgoing, creative, friendly, exuberant, college graduate who has an appetite for adventure and is willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile for one year.” The search for Weinermobile drivers comes as a result of the company cancelling the Weinermobile’s 2020 trip, due of course to the coronavirus pandemic. The new trip is expected to kick off in October 2021, according to company officials. Would you be embarrassed to be seen in the Weinermobile, or do you think it would be cool? I’m trying to figure out how to get KUIC to let me take a year off so I can make this tasty trek, and then return to my job hosting The Hometown Morning Show in late 2022…harder still might be getting my wife and adult children to agree to let me take this “beefy” adventure on. If YOU apply, and you get accepted, please check in with KUIC as you cross our country in a gasoline-powered giant hot dog 🙂

John Young