Oreo’s For Aliens

You may have heard that our government will be offering up information regarding UFO’s, potential alien sightings and the like from info collected over the decades. If the government reports reveal there MAY BE alien life on Earth, the makers of Oreo cookies apparently want to provide them with some “welcome snacks.” The company recently announced that they’re offering up free Oreo Double Stuff cookies to any pilots and/or passengers aboard any Unidentified Flying Objects. According to the folks at Oreo, the mission is to “bring all life forms together by sharing the world’s favorite cookies.” Beside the presumption that Oreo’s are “The World’s Favorite Cookies” (I statement I actually agree with), this is a great idea! Let’s collectively de-mystify the concept of Alien Visitation and make intergalactic travelers feel at home…what snack would you share with aliens? Do you think aliens will like Oreo’s? My grandma Frances called Oreo’s “Vitamin O”, and we grand-kids were only allowed to have one after we finished food that contained real vitamins. We don’t have to hold extraterrestrial beings to the same standard 🙂

John Young