Nowadays Meatless Nuggets: Amazingly Amazing!

Imagine my elation when I received the following email last week: 

“There’s a surprise waiting for you at your front door: Nowadays nuggets!” 

My wife Meg and I are trying to eat a healthier overall diet, so we’ve been including plant-based meat alternatives in our weekly meals. Then our amazing scientist daughter Nicole revealed that one of her neighbors is actually Max Elder, the Co-Founder of Nowadays Foods (along with former food industry executive Dominik Grabinski), the San Francisco-based food production company that makes a meatless nugget…Meg and I both said out loud “we need to try those!” Not only are they fantastic (and good for you), but their delivered packaging is innovative as well; here’s some of the instructions we received when we got our nuggets:


“If you want to elevate your plate beyond a ketchup pairing, check out our recipes and stock your pantry in time to make a Caesar wrap, buffalo bites, or even chicken & waffles (our favorite).”


“Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Admire (ooo, ahhh) your beautiful Nowadays box & then put it in the freezer.
  2. Recycle your packaging & watch your insulation disappear like magic.
  3. Plan (or spontaneously start) a nugget night & share how you #IndulgeBetter with @eatNowadays. Insider tip: We’re known to return the love!”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Max for The Morning Show on May 19th , and he made it clear he wants to know what his customers think. Questions? You can email them at [email protected] “if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or jokes—we love them all.” We love YOU, Max!


John Young