Notes From A Carnival Three-Day Cruise…

Meg and I had the pleasure of joining friends for a three-day weekend getaway to Ensenada aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship “Radiance,” and I have some observations about the experience. Our friends, like ourselves, have a 23 year old child in the entertainment business, and their daughter was one of the performers on this particular cruise…this gave us a unique perspective (and unique access) to life aboard the ship. 

  • I highly recommend a short cruise like the one we took…just enough time to lose yourself in over-eating, over-sleeping and unexpected line-dancing before reality returns.
  • The onboard entertainment, as well as the entertainers themselves, are literally some of the best in the world, recruited from places like England, Barbados, Romania and Japan.
  • No matter how well laid out the many maps of the ship were, I got lost at least five times a day…not good when you’re meeting friends for dinner at a specific time and place.
  • I thought I looked a lot cooler than I actually did in my Carnival Cruise Captain’s Cap.
  • Who knew what an amazing variety of animal likenesses could be made from bath towels?

This cruise turned out to be a perfect way to find the sun for a few wonderful days, celebrate Meg’s birthday and make some new friends…looking forward to the next time we can over-use the phrase “Ship’s Ahoy”!

(*Fun Fact: Shaquille O’Neal’s mother, Lucille O’Neal, is the ship’s Godmother!)

John Young