Nicolas Cage To Host A Netflix Series On Swear Words

Is it just me, or does award-winning actor Nicolas Cage make odd career choices? I’m one to talk, I know (licensed therapist with no radio experience becomes morning radio show host), but Cage has made ‘odd career choices’ his brand for the last 25 years or so. His latest venture is this: Beginning January 5th, 2021, Cage will host a six-episode series on Netflix entitled The History of Swear Words. Each episode will be 20 minutes long, and according to Netflix, the episodes will get into the origins, pop culture usage, and cultural impact of profanity. Cage will interview historians, entertainers and pop culture experts. Guests will apparently include people like comedians DeRay Davis, Nikki Glaser and Sarah Silverman. I hope this series will look into the phenomenon we parents are VERY familiar with: substituting our favorite  “go to” bad word for something we would prefer our kids hear, like “shut the front door!” (a favorite of mine stolen from former KUIC on-air personality Cynthia Seats) or “oh fudge!” What’s YOUR “go to” bad word? Do you have a good “sub word”? Really? No Shoot!

John Young