Musings on Mullets

Happy 2018 everyone…the first month of the year is always good for taking a look at where we want to go, WHAT we want to accomplish and HOW we’re going to do whatever it is we set out to do.  The beginning of the year is ALSO a fine time to reflect on how far we’ve come with things like our careers, our families and friends, our hobbies, and our hair.  That’s right, our HAIR.  As a person who has struggled all their lives to make peace with my follicles, I’m reminded by looking at old photos that I’ve come a long way, Baby.  As the son of a U.S. Army Officer, long hair was not tolerated well in my home when I was growing up, even in the 1970’s when EVERYBODY (including Police, Firefighters, Doctors and Lawyers) had long-ish hair.  As a result, I began experimenting with various styles as soon as I got away to college, generally going with whatever I thought would get me noticed by the opposite sex.  That logic doesn’t hold up with the mullet pictured above, circa 1989, as I’m sure anyone reading this would accurately assume NO ONE would want to be seen anywhere with me in that hair/shirt/bike shorts combo (to be fair, that picture was taken outside a club I was performing at, and that hair and outfit was well-suited for the 3 hour set of New Wave rock I was about to drum on).  No matter how grayish-brownish my hair continues to become in 2018, at least I’m not that guy anymore.

John Young



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