Movie (Theater) Review: I Want My Money Back

My wife Meg and I saw “Crazy Rich Asians” this past week as we took advantage of “$5 Movie Night” at one of our local movie theaters in Roseville.  The movie was awesome…at least the parts that weren’t interrupted by a rambunctious three year old running through the theater, and his nonchalant parents 🙁 This wonderful romantic comedy/adventure requires that you pay attention to plot twists, character interaction, etc., and on more than one occasion my wife would lean in and ask “did the grandmother agree to that?” or “did that guy get invited to the wedding?” Critical plot points we missed because this couple decided it would be OK to bring their antsy child to to the movies. Things got worse when several patrons began shouting “take your kid out!” and the father shouted back “I’ll meet you out there!”, necessitating the intervention of the theater manager. As the lights came up at the end of the film, and one of the angry movie goers went over to confront the lazy parent, I did something weirdly effective: I calmly stated “I’m undercover…please don’t cause a scene.”  I never said WHO I was undercover for, but the potential scuffle was avoided long enough for the manager to run over and get between the fighting parties. The woman later thanked me in the lobby, saying “people used to take their kids out of the movie when they got too loud.” I told her I couldn’t agree more, then I looked around for Meg so I could show off my new undercover movie theater persona…she was busy actually doing something useful: lobbying the theater for our money back. Stay tuned…

John Young



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