MLB Players Weekend

It’s The Dog Days of Summer, which is a good time lighten things up for MLB fans and players, which is what “Players Weekend” is all about!

Major Leaguer’s will be wearing alternate designs inspired by youth-league uniforms featuring their passions/nicknames of their choice, on their jerseys, bats, hats, gloves, sox and any where else they want to have it printed Friday August 24th through Sunday August 26th 2018.

As a SF Giants fan, I know Madison Bumgarner’s nick name is “Mad-Bum”, and Pablo Sandoval is “Panda”, however, I didn’t know Hunter Pence is called “Captain Underpants”, which started when a heckler called him underpants and then he took it to superhero status by adding “Captain”.

Derek Holland is trying to use “Derek Last Name” for Players Weekend, after ESPN accidentally called him that on-air a few days ago, which was quite embarrassing for the announcers, but Derek such a quirky guy, he just might make it happen!

As the Production Director at KUIC, my boss call’s me “Task Master” Lol… so I guess that’s what I would use on my jersey.

What would your fantasy MLB nickname be?


Donna Perry



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