Miller High Life Is Releasing A Gingerbread “Dive Bar” Kit This Holiday Season

True Confession: I LOVE intricate Gingerbread Houses! My kids were always fascinated with them growing up, and as a family we attempted to build a few (with varying levels of success…I wish I had a picture of one of the good ones). Well, thanks to Miller high Life, you’re about to be able to purchase a Gingerbread House like you’ve never seen before! Miller High Life has created the ultimate “dive bar” Gingerbread house, complete with a customizable bar sign! Oh, the fun you’ll have setting this out for The Holidays! The kit also comes with Miller High Life wall art, a mini pool table and working lights that you can dim for the full bar effect. The walls are infused with actual Miller High Life hops, and you can “recreate that distinct sticky floor feeling” with the included maple syrup! Talk about realism…the price for the complete kit is around $50 and it’s available  through Miller High Life’s website,
Happy Holidays Bar Patrons!

John Young