Mickie’s Miracles

I had the very cool opportunity to interview Mickie’s Miracles CEO and Founder Kristie Griess during “The Day of Giving” on 11/28; it was an interview I’d been looking forward to ever since I became aware of Kristie and her organization.  Kristie’s husband Gabe had been on the show before; you may remember him as the Air Force Coronel who ran for a local senate seat (he and Kristie also made news when they bought The Buck Mansion in Vacaville). As I got to know the family, I became aware of the incredible story of perseverance and accomplishment involving their daughter Mikayla “Mickie” Griess.  Mickie was born in late 2011, and unbeknownst to her parents she had a form of pediatric epilepsy which resulted in significant, life-threatening seizures.  Kristie’s refusal to settle for vague diagnoses, alone with her determination to find out what was actually happening to Mickie and what the treatment options were, gave life to her organization.  The values that make up Mickie’s Miracles are spelled out on their website:


  • Early Diagnosis is critical. Pediatric Epilepsy is catastrophic to the developing brain. Epilepsy is a progressive disease. Early Intervention is essential and a matter of life and death. Urgency is imperative.
  • If a child fails the first form of epileptic treatment, they must be seen by a Pediatric Epileptologist. These doctors have a higher level of understanding epilepsy than a neurologist or pediatrician.
  • Parents should always trust their instincts. No one knows your child better than you. If you believe something is wrong, do not give up until you have an answer.
  • When the pediatrician, specialists and neurologists exhaust their medical expertise, a child must be referred immediately to a higher level of care at a level 4 epilepsy center.
  • Stop fighting a ghost, know what you’re up against. Advocate for the highest level of care so that your child can receive a necessary diagnosis.


Become an advocate, or learn more about where to find help and resources, at www.mickiesmiracles.org



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