Mexican Pizza Crunch Wrap? Yes, Please!

In the world of “comfort foods”, two fine examples would include Tacos and Pizza…typically these culinary delights are enjoyed individually. But what if you didn’t have to choose between the two? Taco Bell to the rescue! According to industry sources, the fast-food chain is now testing a menu item called the “Mexican Pizza Crunchwrap”, which is literally a version of their Mexican Pizza inside one of their crunch-wraps. For those unfamiliar with TB’s Mexican Pizza, inside the grilled tortillas there’s beef, beans, a three cheese mix, nacho cheese sauce and pizza sauce.  Believe it or not, my mother used to make a similar dish when we were growing up in SoCal (minus the pizza sauce). Trust me, it’s the ultimate comfort food! According to reports, the item is still in its testing stages with Taco Bell and can only be purchased in the Oklahoma City area. How lucky for me we’re moving my youngest kid into his University of Oklahoma dorm this summer…I’ll have ample attempts to sample! Stay tuned…

John Young



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