Meet Some of the People YOUR Food Bank Serves

I had a chance to talk with my friends at The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties last week about their need for food, volunteer and cash donations.  We talked about people’s perceptions of who the Food Bank serves, and I thought it might be a good idea to highlight an example of The Food Bank in action.  You see, sometimes two full-time jobs aren’t enough to support a family in Contra Costa or Solano Counties. Jenny at the Food Bank describes a couple in Richmond who both work hard to provide for their young boys, however their combined incomes don’t cover all of the family’s basic expenses. Dad recently switched to the night shift at the high-end restaurant he works at so he and his wife could save on daycare expenses. It meant less time together as a family, but it also means being able to pay more bills. They get a break in rental costs because they’re renting from a friend, but the property they live in is up for sale, further throwing their future in doubt. This scenario could describe any one of us. Receiving supplemental groceries from The Food Bank’s Food Assistance Program allows the Family to pay for other necessary expenses like utilities, transportation to work, and mandated public school uniforms for their kids. By helping our neighbors in need, Food Bank supporters are giving our youngest generation opportunities to thrive and contribute to the communities they live in J make a donation today:

John Young



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