May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

I earned my M1 California Motorcycle Operators License back in 1984, and the low-speed obstacle course I had to successfully navigate in the parking lot of a SoCal DMV back then made me keenly aware of how dangerous it can be to enjoy motorcycle riding. Even moving at less than five miles per hour, one can get into all kinds of trouble…ongoing safety training and education is a must for staying safe and happy on two wheels. The month of May highlights this concept, in the form of Motorcycle Safety Awareness, and our friend Jason Tyhurst at the Solano County office of the California highway Patrol reminds us all that their nationally-recognized “California Motorcycle Safety Program” (CMSP) is available for both new AND experienced riders as a way to sharpen and refine riding skills. Considering that I sold my last motorcycle in early 2015 (the beautiful 2001 Indian Chief pictured, along with my beautiful 1965 Wife Meg), this would be a course I would most definitely take in order to get back on the horse, metaphorically speaking. To sign up for a course near you, visit  

John Young