Local Shoe Fundraiser Is Going On Now!

Voices of VV is a local grassroots organization, focusing on mutual aid and civic work within Solano County, but primarily in Vacaville. Every Sunday from 1-3 PM in Andrews Park, we give out food, hygiene products, and clothing to the houseless community. We have done so for nearly three years! We rely solely on community donations which can be a real struggle, as we serve roughly 35 people a week. That’s why we have sought out this new fundraiser with the organization Funds2Orgs.

Funds2Orgs is asking us to collect shoes from our community. The shoes will be shipped overseas to places like Haiti where family merchants can benefit from them. For our time and labor, Funds2Orgs will issue us a check where 100% of the proceeds will go toward our houseless outreach. To earn $1000, we need to collect over 2000 pairs of shoes!

We have several drop off locations within the community such as both the Vacaville libraries, Bliss Urban Arts Center, Food is Free Solano distribution site, and the owner of Bay Area Stage Theatre has used her residential home as a collection site. It’s a great community project, and we thank for in advance for your support!

Contact us at (707)-654-3495 to schedule a pick-up/drop off; you can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!