Local 6th Grader Works to Stop Bullying

Ani Kinsey is an 11-year-old Suisun City 6th grader who turned the hurtful experience of being bullied into a campaign against it. Last year, the sixth grader at the Fairfield-Suisun Public Safety Academy was waiting for her turn onstage at a school talent show when a male classmate began cruelly imitating her Tourette’s Syndrome symptoms. I had the pleasure of meeting Ani and her mother Anisa after I saw some local T.V. news coverage of Ani’s efforts to stop bullying at her school and I invited them to KUIC to record a “Helping Your Home Town” segment. During the recording session, she shared that she wanted to spread positivity, to let other victims know that they’re seen, acknowledged and not forgotten. Since that first local T.V. news story, Ani’s been featured in local newspaper articles and throughout social media, spreading the message of tolerance and friendship.  She’s had some help from local businesses who’ve pledged to provide gift cards in small amounts to help “lift” victims of bullying. For more information or to donate to Ani’s cause, visit  www.gofundme.com/youmatter.

John Young



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